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Marybeth's students and their families say:

"I really like playing piano because it feels good just to play."

    - Taryn

"With each lesson, I observe my daughter's talent unfolding."

- Colleen

"Marybeth has been great to work with as an adult learner.  She has given helpful direction, suggestions, and exercises...she has supported and nurtured in me a deep, heartfelt connection to piano music."

- Scott

"Through Marybeth's connection with the student, her skill in and love of music, and incredible gift at garnering continued effort and enthusiasm from her pupils, great strides are made at each lesson."

- C.M. Keith

"Marybeth has worked very well with our 6-year-old daughter.  MB's patience, gentleness, and encouragement have helped her develop confidence, proficiency, and enjoyment of the piano."

- S. McGovern 

"I am proud to say that Marybeth is my piano and voice teacher."

- Danielle


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